Thursday, May 29, 2008


Didn't an Everson do something this past week that needs to be announced/blogged? First name starts with a Ken and ends with a dall...let me know.

Amazing Eddie

Eddie did a wonderful thing. We showed this video he made at the wedding, but if you didn't see it, you might want to. He did so very good making this video. Its really good. I had to put it online for something else, but I thought I'd share it while I was at it!

Here are parts 1 & 2

And part 3...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks to a lot of help, I think I have mastered the posting thing. I promise I won't post world-shaking ideas several times a day! But I am feeling the significance in my life of the high school graduations this week of Berit and Heidi.......the last of the Everson grandchildren. How did it all happen so fast? These two girls are due special accolades because of their accomplishments - both heading for BYU this fall after all kinds of glory heaped upon them. Congratulations! And now, thank Heaven for great-grandchildren!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

In a giggling mood!

It has been a while since we have updated anything on our little one. She is now 5 months. Lydia for some reason thought that a little can shaking was hilarious. You never know what will make em laugh.

Do You Know Him???

I would post this our family blog but google is not allowing me access to it for 5 days.  They say I have the wrong password.  So you all can enjoy.  David is in NYC on a trip and I knew he and Karli would want to see this photo ASAP. Not sure what inspired this new look but I love it!!!  I was on the phone with Laurie when Clay come upstairs with his hair all cut off.  Laurie asked "What is he going to do with his hands?"  Clay's answer, "Not sure." I have not seen this much of this cute boy's face in quite some time. 

Friday, May 23, 2008

Speaking of the Big Apple

Is anyone going to be in Manhattan with a little time to kill any weekday between 9 and 5?

I need help making a motion for a sealed divorce record to be opened. Apparently someone has to appear in person and as much as I'd LOVE to do it myself, I won't be going there in the next few months.

If it works for anyone out there, let me know.


Monday, May 19, 2008

A New York State of Mind

This is our dear Uncle Al.  The last two nights the Mammens have been staying at our place.  Bill took the futon and snored like it was his job, Kay slept up by the girls to avoid her hubby.  God bless them both.  Last night Jordan rolled in with her "friend" at 2 am, we booted Kay to the futon, Hill and I pushed our beds together to put Jordan on the crack and the friend took Jordan's soon-to-be-discarded air mattress.  This brings us to Alan.  Despite the the musical mattresses we've been playing with our visitors, we managed to get the Mammens out AND have fresh clean sheets for Alan!!  This is a Christmas miracle.  Look out how cozy he is in all that pink!!  As I type, he is watching Paris J' Taime with his headphones and I don't even think he knows I snapped this photo from the loft.  Now, I'm getting pretty darn good at this game, so if anyone else feels the need to come stay in our palatial pad, hurry quick now before I get out of my groove.  Or you could stay in Queens at Lindsay's place. 

Lots of Love,

Monday, May 12, 2008

Last week at a lovely ceremony on campus, Pam was honored to be given the Paul Frizler Award for Outstanding MA Student by the Chapman University English Department. This is the most prestigious award given to a student. Here’s a brief synopsis written by the Associate Dean of Humanities at Chapman. We’re all so proud of you, Pam!

The award given to Pam was named in memory of Paul Frizler, a beloved professor in the English department, who joined the Chapman faculty in the late 1960s, and continued to teach there until his death in June 2002. In addition to his literary interests, he was a filmmaker and a scholar of film and after his death published a two volume, annotated filmography with Chapman Professor of Psychology, John Flowers.

The awardee is nominated by a professor, who then submits to the entire department a rationale for the award. The department votes on the nominees, and the award goes to the highest vote-getter! The Frizler Award is certainly the highest grad student award the English department gives, and it is always closely contested. In Pam’s case, the English faculty felt that she deserved the award on the basis of her outstanding performance in her classes. Her literary insight, contributions to class discussions, and the high quality of her writing merited this recognition. Personally, I remember that what she said raised the level of intellectual inquiry in the class and took with me to a higher level than it had ever been before. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have Pam in our classes unanimously agreed that she brought out the best in everyone, fellow students and faculty alike!

Matthew T. Schneider, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Humanities
Wilkinson College of Letters and Sciences
Professor of English
Chapman University
Orange, CA 92866

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gabe's Baby Blessing

I gave Marshall the responsibility to let the Eversons know that we are blessing Gabe this Sunday, May 4th. Of course it is the day before and he still hasn't called anyone. I think Sydney let most people know, but just in case I am sending out this message.

We are having the blessing at my parent's house. (2103 south 100 west, orem) I'll let you all Google Map it instead of trying to give directions. The blessing will be at 5:30 pm and dinner around 6:00. We hope you all can make it, but given that it is such short notice we understand.

Marshall and Melissa

Friday, May 2, 2008

Congrats to Heidi (little Heidi)

Last week Heidi took her last final at UVSC to complete her Associates Degree.  You can imagine that we are very proud of her because she finished one month before graduating from high school!!  The other really great benifit to all her hard work is that she will recieve a scholarship from the state of Utah that will pay 75% of her college tuition for the next two years!!!  Way to go Heidi!