Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Fall


Just taken over the last few weeks from the back porch.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We're having a...

baby Everson Forum!! We had an ultrasound today and were pleased that our baby Everson Forum is healthy and active. We're glad to be having another Everson Forum in our family.

Here's our little Everson Forum saying "Hi!"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Road Trip with Barbara, Lindsay & Sydney

We had a blast. Here is a recap of the trip.

Monday, October 19, 2009

#2 Postponed

We thought we'd make it know to the Eversons that we found out last week that Lauren officially miscarried. Although we are really bummed, we're also really encouraged for a successful future with the next. See you guys real soon in sunny CA.

Shane and Lauren

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Okay's a post. By the way, the photos on your blog from Jordan's wedding are FABULOUS!

I took this shot of Marie at our house just before C and S were leaving to go back to California.

All you need to know about using the Park City House:

1. Go to the website and check the availability calendar.
2. Confirm that the dates you want are in the "Low Season" or Summer only.
3. If you are an Everson or if you are married to an Everson, you pay $10 for day use and $15 to stay overnight.
4. Call or email both Heidi
and Laurel so they know about your plan.
5. Stay flexible. Like non-rev air travel, if a full rate renter comes forward you may get bumped.
6. Make your check out to Heidi Glauser, mail it to 10 Soto Grande, Dana Point, CA 92629
7. If a non-Everson wants to use the house, they pay half of the posted nightly rate.

1. To cover the costs of maintaining the house we rent it to people paying $225 - $550 per night and it has to be clean and orderly.
2. Anyone who uses the house has the option of paying for a cleaning service $80. or cleaning it yourself.
3. If you clean it yourself, and it doesn't pass the Laurel Green white glove inspection, you will be asked to pay $80 on top of your nightly rate.
4. Cleaning includes: clean sheets and towels, sparkling bathroom and kitchen, dusted everywhere, vacuumed floors, trash removed. Read the instruction sheet that's in the kitchen. Make sure you make the beds correctly (like they were when you arrived.)
5. We appreciate anything you can do to improve the house while you're there - shovel snow, pull weeds, replace kitchen staples, repair anything that's broken, report problems.