Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jordan's Wedding Pics

Yup - I thought that would get your attention. And they'll be here, but first let me reprimand you all ---

Since the last post --

Jordan has gotten engaged.

Jordan has gotten married.

Karli has moved back to UT.

Baby Marie Green has been born.

Baby Maren Glauser has been born.

NOT a post. People. Let's step this up - I know grandma checks the blog and for her sake let's try to keep somewhat current?

OK - so Jordan's wedding was beee-utiful! Bravo Greens and Phaus, but we know it's mostly Laurel.

BEFORE I say anything else, I am putting these up straight out of the camera, without any photoshop editing at ALL. Please don't judge me on the fact that they might look barfy. I'll fix lots of them later and make em reeeaaal pretty.

I felt SO so lucky to take pics that day of them and I'm putting a link of a gallery with my favorites and the group shots up here. I'll also be putting a link of a gallery with ALL of the files, which will be huge - like 799ish pictures. But this smaller one will only have 174 files.

Small Gallery - (highlights and group shots- 174 pics)

Large Gallery - (way more photos than the average person will want to see -- over 750 pics.)

and a handful of finished photos over here on my blog.