Friday, February 29, 2008

guys a new blog for you...

I'm doing it...I made a new blog. This should have been done a year or two ago, but better late than never! This new one is just dedicated to my dear, wonderful, convenient Traumatic Brain Injury (My TBI life....). If you are interested in life with a TBI or if you know someone who would be into it, spread the word. So thats my announcement! Its at

Thursday, February 28, 2008

a couple of faves to share with you all...

I LOVE this blog -


they always find the coolest stuff.

also - Trey just alerted me to this FABBO site -

also, these are amazing - someday I'll get one and stick it on my wall...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday From Alpine

Wish you were here to eat this cake with us.  We made it just for you on your special day!  But, because you did not show up we (Alan, Laurie, Berit, Syd, David, Heidi, Marshall, Melissa, Kendall and Mallory) ate the cake.  Grace chose gum instead of cake. Happy Birthday and we love you.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

happy birthday GG

Yes. Everett actually says he's going to have a "Mothra Party". We're very into Godzilla right now...

Hugs and Kisses

Happy Birthday from New York City Grandma!!
We miss you and can't wait for you to come visit!

Happy Birthday Grandma

We hope you have a great Birthday.
I wish we could ALL be there to celebrate with you.
Love You!

Friday, February 22, 2008

You Garage Sale Hunters

if anyone sees one of these at a yard sale please pick it up for me....

ps - here's my question - why do things at thrift shops all have the same smell? what is that?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did ay of you see Sunday Morning a few weeks ago?  There was a story about Charley Harper and Todd Oldham.  Oldham has been fascinated by Harper's art because of his reading of this book as a kid.  I remember reading this as well.  I am sure we had this book.  Anyway, I thought it would be easy to use some of this very graphic art for a quilt idea I have had in my head for awhile so I got on ebay to see about getting the book.  Needless to say I will not be buying it on ebay as the price ranges from over $200.00 - $700.00.  So all of you garage sale hunters should be keeping an eye out for this one.  I am on my way to DI this afternoon!!  Happy hunting!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Teaching the Beehives

I have to teach a lesson on "Preparing to Become an Eternal Companion" to the Beehives (12 & 13 year olds) on Sunday.  So I would love any of you to share your thoughts.......Is there anything you wish you had done as a 12 year old girl to prepare you for what you are doing now??  I really would like to know!!!

Skiing at Canyons

Today David and I went skiing at the Canyons Resort (formerly Park West).  I have not skied that resort in a while and I found myself wanting to call Dad and thank him for taking us SO many times.  What a great family tradition!!!  And a big THANK  YOU to you mom, because we all know that even though you may not have been out on the slopes with us, you are the reason it all came together!!!  The resort has changed so much form the early 70's but every once and a while I would hit a spot a remember it like it was yesterday.  I could just picture myself in those powder blue ski pants and my bold strip sweater of orange, blue and white.  (Yes Bree and Eddie, we did orange and blue WAY before you guys did.  I have the photo to prove it.)   Anyway, we bought a 5 day pass way back in September so we still will be going 4 more times if any of you want to join us.

Live from New York...

It's not Saturday night, but let's all pray that I never find myself blogging on my family blog on a Saturday night in the City. Anyway, I had to laugh at the sight of this blog today and here's why:
While at work about two weeks ago, I let my co-worker in on the secret world of everyday blogs. There is not a soul at Kidville who originates from west of the Mississippi or south of the Mason-Dixon line and where they're from, nobody blogs like the Mormon's. My friend was aghast at the sight of all these "blogging blondes" who all seem to also be photographers (this blog put her over the edge) She's never seen anything like it. She has been dating through since new years and she connected with one guy who's heavily involved in the theater and production business. After googling his name, she found him on a blog. She called me immediately to tell that she had found another Mormon blog. I tried to explain that other people blog besides Mormon's, but she insisted that although it didn't ever actually say "Mormon", it had to be someone I knew. The next day at work, I did some investigative work for her and scrounged this blog in question for any hints or signs of mormonism. Sure enough, the kid was from Provo, knows Jon Heder and we shared some "mutual" friends. By the time I got to the third page of posts, I could confirm that he was in fact, a Mormon. So here we all are, making posts on this communal blonde family blog and I can't help but laugh out loud. I'll be letting my friend in on this one tomorrow and she will positively fall out of her chair.


(GG stands for Gossip Girl. It's a new cult hit on the CW network and is "The OC" of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Gossip Girl is the anonymous narrator of the show and is the instigator of the gossip of the private school in which the show takes place. She sends all the gossip through a network of text messaging throughout the students. "XOXO, GG" is her signature sign off and I'm taking it on as my own. I knew you would ask and this is the explanation.)

Great Picture Jefra!

Jefra -

You are really becoming a great photographer. I love that picture of the newest Everson fetus. What kind of lens did you use?



I'm a Believer

Ok - so when I'm pregnant I usually find myself wanting Chinese food. Today I got my first Chinese meal on the way home from Everett's gymnastics and I kid you not, THIS was my fortune.

yet ANOTHER family website

Because I know you all have nothing else to do....

Hendrickson Family Blog-

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More family websites

Caring Kids Television
Neat Sheets
Uber Studio

We're Pregnant (Linn Family)

Yup. About 6 weeks along. Baby due in early October for our family. Surprise (for us at least)!

See. This is what I mean about news and stuff you can post on the blog. Making things easier for you all (and Grandma) - that's what it's all about.

Oh. Just so you know, our kids still don't know....

O Come O Come All Eversons....


Alright people. Having just hunted up a few of our family links, and knowing there are several more out there online. And wanting a one stop shopping experience for our family. And being inspired by the Green Family blog - I'm attempting to launch an Everson Family BLOG.

I see as I look up these family blogs that most of us are one blogger or blogspot - which means we have accounts, which means YOU ALL can be administrators as possible (like the Green's Blog).